ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • U must know, cell phones are just one of their lines of business. They still have superior business lines, such as VGA cards, motherboards, laptops, and ect. Even if their sales are down, it won't bankrupt them.

  • No intention or possibility of bankrupting ASUS... Just a show of disgratitude. For a good customer friendly responsible company that should be enough. But they don't care.

  • So many people offended and complaining on such a scale but no response from them. We have become a laughing stok for dem.


    I know you're not the sharpest tool in the shed as you have displayed your ignorance quite blatantly on several occasions but I can't help but cringe.

  • If you say so buddy....cringe all you want 😊

  • But instead of certifying others I think it would be better to point out the fault in Asus. If you were so satisfied you wouldn't be on this forum. That's all... Nothing against you✌️

  • ?????

    The fact that you think this forum is simply for people to complain and not sharing their experiences with the Phone is another very disturbing insight into your simple mind.

  • I don't see people sharing their LOVELY AND WODERFUL MEMORABLE experiences with their device here rather only their issues and problems they are facing. And every time why do you have to drop in. Just have a life bro. I don't know you I don't need you. Keep calm stay cool. It's as of you're an ASUS spokesperson. Even then that would be good atleast someone from their side is responding. But Alas... Its just always you.. saying tough things hiding behind a fake name...

    Did I mention you in any of my comments. I have been a OnePlus user for long and they have a great forum. The only bugs they don't fix are the one that can't be. Even then they respond to that.

    Just expecting the same sort of response from Asus as I have invested in them. Not in you. So just mind your own business. That's it...

  • I suggest you let them be,they won't change their minds,as you can see they will respond to every single comment that isn't a complain and then call you the one with no life smh...How about you show us some memorable memories tho,just like me when I posted that stress test thingy,I think it would disprove most of the complaints and give us something fun to talk about,what do you say?

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    Self proclaimed doctor crying on forums over and over again, why don't you buy the OP 8 pro and get rid of the Asus rog 3? Oh right... I almost forgot :)

    @GREEKLEADER To be fair tho seeing the kids crying over and over the same things again and again just to point out their flawed logic does seem a little amusing to me. Better than to see them repeat the same useless things over and over again.

    Did some modding on the Phone and so far it's quite a joy to use. Should probably make a thread about it at some point.

  • Well,if that modding is rooting,try to put as many details as possible and the prons and cons,it would be interesting to see such results

    Also while it is amusing to point out their flawed logic,we should rather atleast try to keep the thread clean for the readers,I guess

  • Rooting is a part of that yes, altho it goes deeper than that.

    As for pros and cons:


    • warranty break
    • if not careful you can give access to a virus
    • potential bricking of your phone
    • No automatic updates, all have to be done manually


    • backup op your entire phone possible
    • Modding your system for better performance and efficiency
    • taking full advantage of your components such as camera
    • Nearly endless possibilities in terms of software such as gamepad on every game supported
    • Custom ROM
    • Don't have to wait for ASUS to do security updates, you can do them yourself before ASUS even released them
    • Replacing system apps with your own custom ones

    Those are some on the top of my head.

  • I've rooted my device on 1st day...

    All Cons, I really don't care...@nightmaster552 if u hav any modded rooted app for display calibration plz help us.

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    Nice pointers.👍

    Well wouldn't suggest anyone to root atm just because lack of development on XDA. Who knows if something is cooking in private repos😉.

  • I am an app developer that started to look more into ROMS lately there is quite a lot you can do, but as you said, overall I wouldnt recommend it if you don't know what you're doing or rather if you cannot really utilize it properly.

  • I already looked into it and still am with a kernel developer so far pixelworks software is extremely hard to shutdown. If we try to shut it down before boot the system will freeze and not boot and if we try to shut it down after boot it will result in a black screen. We tried to implement KCAL and klapse but no success so far.

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    apart from HEAVY BLACK CRUSH from few days my ROG 3 is giving very bad performance in terms of gaming as well as battery .earlier my phone lasted at least 36hr(incl sleep) on a 90% charge now it barely goes to 24hr and i charge using slow charge and limiter at 90%.

    The gaming performance has also decreased in genshin impact on max setting 60fps i used to get around 50-60 fps but now it's dropping as low as 22 sometimes.

    Anyone else facing the issues? I really wish i wud had gone for Samsung or even apple rather than this :(

  • No any issues with FPS and about gaming performance it's all on ur skill. Battery is also great...

  • How odd,I have a stable 60 FPS on boss fights with maxed out settings,but even when I have frame drops,it won't fall lower than 50 or 40,and even then whenever I look down or end the fight,the 60 FPS is back and stable

    Complain to genshin impact not in this forum, about the gaming performance,it's the best there is

    Have you seen Samsung or better yet Apple how they handle this game? It's a joke for their flagships,they throttle like mid range phones,while with this phone,you can feel the performance on every attack and keep it the same FPS and performance on any temperature

    It's worth mentioning that I have overclocked it with everything on max,so the processor is giving everything it's got,it can't get better than this,only the Genshin impact Devs can optimise their game

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