ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • This basicially demonstrates the massive lack of IQ of most users complaining here.

  • Typical "meet me irl", low iq, self proclaimed internet warrior being salty as usual.


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    Guys here will fight for whatever reason😅😅😅😅😅. Good that you all don't meet face to face. LMFAO. Just use the pro mode. It takes decent enough photos keeping aside the comparison from apple, google, samsung, OnePlus etc. where this phone cannot be and doesn't ought to be.

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    For the oos part they are adding basic features nothing good or unique

    Something which zen ui have had for 2-3 iterations now

    They don't even have a simple thing such as app icon badges smh

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    Don't expect much from that 5mp macro cam

    It's just there for the sake of it

    OEMs just add 2 and 5 mp macro and depth cameras so they can call their phones "triple and quad camera setups"

    For better output you can use gcam tho

    Plus if you were comparing to 7t that has a better camera setup the only oneplus phone camera setup that I liked tbh rest are meh

  • Oxygen os. . even my OnePlus 3 has app icon badges.

  • Exactly... 5mp macro is just foe the sake of it...not much significance. If someone comes from OnePlus devices they will regret as older gen sensors in their phones takes better photos than imx 686 in rog 3. Since it's clearly software based Asus should look into it. Thats all ... Dont know why some idiots in this forum would take this personally 🤣🤣🤣

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    Just a dot badge from what I know,it doesn't show actual notification count or unread counter

  • Agreed. But they have fast software updates and great community and response time. Never mind about all those. Just the quick software update system and fast response they have for any bugs is quite great. The simple camera performance is an example. They defy sensor capability even with their imx 586 against our 686 sensors just with software.

  • No response from Asus any time recently regarding the black crush or absolute bogus contrast at higher brightness irrespective of screen refresh rate.

  • Not really first of all rog isn't meant to have "great cameras" at best it has decent cameras

    And as for the bug solving and their speed at updates is sub-par at best now as they have a shit ton of devices to maintain now (they keep launching new phones every few months)

    For example android 11 for oneplus 7 series was delayed (Asus's own 2019 Zenfone 6 will get it much faster) plus Rog and oneplus both get bimonthly updates idk what's the fuss 🤔

    And oneplus camera optimisation is okayish at best they aren't good at that,rog eis beats oneplus's eis implementation anyday

    There are some places where one does better and in some place the other

    But again if camera is your priority Zenfones have much better camera setup and processing

  • Lets see ... What asus can do about it... No need arguing amongst us. Even if they fix this display issue that is foremost... Camera can be overlooked. As I agree daylight performance is better here. Not expecting to beat the latest devices with the same sensor. But its hurting when older devices with older sensors beats my rog 🤣/😭

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    Why are we deviating from the issue the camera is issue is some what manageable but the black crush the random weird green tint and the refresh rate unchangeable bug is the real issue here as those are the primary features and it should be in top notch condition since it is a "flagship" phone.

    Asus is busy cutting prices and clearing out spoilt stocks ASAP rather than working on its fix and helping the consumer and the mods have nothing to say as well.

    WAKE UP ASUS! ROG more like Rusty old Garbage.😂

  • What's this new issue yar... Refresh rate automatically changes itself and no way to change that. Settings is grayed out. As if the phone runs on its own mood.

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    Have to dissagree here. As already shown on the images I posted, the 5mp macro camera is quite capable. What really blows my mind is how the guy is complaining about the macro camera and not the ultrawide, because that one really needs some work.

    Hell that clown even doubts i made those pictures.

    Here a little fish made out of tree, it's very small but I thought why not. This is low light as well, if you ask me the macro camera is quite usable and decent.

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    Any Updates??? Mods ??

  • There will be no solution. Its a hardware problem. If there would be a software solution it would be allready developped. They have tried the best to fix it but they cant do it wiht software.

    I had the same Probelm 2, 3 Years ago with an other brand and phone and the have changed all devices when they get contacted but the never admitted that there is a hardware problem.

    So you have to live with it or refund/return the phone or sell it.

    There will be no Update that solves it. And i know some people now say i can't know this... and yes i didnt. but since over 4 month there isnt any solution but a lot of tries. So thats because the problem is the hardware.

    I think asus have noticed this in the tests but its not so important. Many user didnt noticed this and many will buy the next rog phone. It is cheaper for them to loose a few customers then stop or scrap the production. Meanwhile they say they do the best to fix it with updates and its because they are frist with hdr 144hz Panel etc.

    So its not only Asus that doing this every company do this. i guess because it is not a "mainstream" phone its not profitable to fix it in the production so it is fixed with rog phone 4.

    I have refund mine and will never bouth one again from asus and also the new 3080 for my pc i will buy from another manufactor. Why? Not because this issue happend and the even bring it to market. That pretty sure every company made but the dont offer to refund this units or replace it with fixed devices . And that is a no go .

  • 144 hz has less significance than grayed out blacks in videos. A device of this calibre is not used only and only for gaming but also for media consumption. Movies in mx player and YouTube bideoa lose contrast as soon as the brightness is increased. Irrespective of refresh rate. Very sad if you are right...

  • push...where is asus...😡

  • It makes no sense to ask over and over again from asus. there is NO SOLUTION/FIX for this. Otherwise the would allready roll it out with ota.

    So you have to decide if you can deal/live with it or you have to refund/sell the phone. Asus can't tell you something new because there isnt something new.

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