ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • I don't know which phone use which technology.

    Someone told me here that OnePlus didn't do anything with their black crush issue. Which was just not true. They provide their customers with solution.

    With recent updates they changed the color values and I can tell you, the colors look a lot different in games. Sure it is playable. But phone is not as advertised. They say it's HDR display with most color accurate. Far from it.

    So now I should wait for Asus to tell me.. which time of the day and at what brightness I can play on this phone. Sweet.

  • On this part while watching Netflix on high brightness some flickering lines occured maybe it has a connection with black crush issue it's not visible when not using Netflix with high brightness.

  • Don't let asus be angry, but for $ 1,000 with a damaged display, a 3-month update that hasn't changed anything, I can get an Iphone 11 for Max, a Samsung Galaxy Note 20, a Xiaomi Mi10 Pro, and I could go on 

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    I have two ROG Phone 3 for comparison, one with the software from 17.0822.2005.11 and the newest (which supposedly fixes) ww-17.0823.2008.70. Unfortunately, it can fix Netflix in low brightness, but it breaks the whole damn thing (like Youtube) where it brightens the sides. it is much better on the first version of the system. On Youtube, black is beautiful and color saturation is much better than in ROG 2

    Two ROG Phone 3 and two different software



    So far, I am staying at 17.0822.2005.11

    Because I want to have beautiful colors and black mainly in Youtube and the rest of the application, and I will watch Netlix on my Oled TV

  • How about a new update is there a solution to the black crush issue

  • Anyone have a download link for the 78 update please?

  • Then u sud have gotten iphone ...not asus FAULT u don't know how to use gaming phones. Who watches Netflix on gaming phone lol

  • I am using rog 3 but you are right , doesn't matters the main purpose or motive of phone but if it cant give a basic media consumption than its not worth it because if i talk about myself , i dont play games all day and i too watch natflix and trust me that sucks , i have to use my old samsung galaxy s7 edge to watch netflix or prime video because my samsung have more than double the better picture quality than rog 3

    If we talk about games , i cant play pubg at hdr setting with brightnesd less than 50% because even pubg with hdr have heavy black crush

    If we using brightness more than 50% than grey colour appear instead of black and when we reduce less than 50% brightness than black appears but with full of black crush

    So yeah , phone is 80% useless because of this display and screen glass quality is soo bad that i got broke with less than a feet drop even when having gorilla 6

    Rog 3 is awesome is every aspect but the bad display quality makes the device not worth it for the 58000 i have paid

  • @gfg59204 No bro. It's just for giving more updates easily. It improves FOTA service.

  • Unfortunately, nothing has been fixed in the latest update. I think that all the updates since 17.0822.2005.11 It worsened the picture and now it's even more impossible to watch. Black problems only apply to Netflix and lower brightness and watching in full darkness. During the day and in any brightness, the picture is great. See also how red becomes gray at 0% brightness

    Therefore, as you can, leave your smartphone on the software 17.0822.2005.11 and do not update for now

  • Hello Asus mods,

    It looks like the update version .78 has created more problems than it has solved, when it comes to the display. The displays skews heavily towards reds as soon as the brightness is lowered (from lowest to about 40% brightness), which wasn't the case before. And even though it is most noticeable when YouTube is opened, this issue is not limited to any particular app, it is reflected in all apps system wide. Also, due to this red tint, all the videos look terrible as the transitioning from the reds/blacks to the expected colors is not smooth, and results in tons of artifacts in videos. Neither does the display show true blacks at higher brightness levels, it almost starts looking like an LCD display with back-lighting. The videos look just okay without artifacts only when the brightness is at 100%. At all other brightness levels, the weird artifacts just make media consumption terrible. Looks like the display calibration is still quite far from what is expected.

    I was on the .58 software version previously, wherein at least there was no such red tint issue, and the usual applications looked fine. It was only when watching videos at lower brightness that you could see the red tint issue, and even then it was not as prominent as it is now. Also, the videos showed comparatively much less artifacts on version .58 than it is doing now. Please roll back the changes or make improvements to the existing ones as soon as possible, as the issue has gotten worse than before. Not sure how we made this problem worse, instead of solving it. It would be better if the changes are first rolled back to the .58 version, and then improvements are being worked upon, so that we don't have to deal with the red tint on applications that are being used on a daily basis.

    To anyone else facing similar set of issues, please post the same here so that the mods can take our inputs and work on them accordingly.

  • It's not.78 which made anything worse but .70 . Also for many people the black crush seems to have improved considerably and when they calibrate something then most likely something is going to get compromised. I think the next update should make things better coz I've noticed a considerable improvement in my phone . I have been using it almost for 50 days and it's getting better with each update .

  • Same issue here. Display calibration, colour accuracy, black contrast are all messed up. This is a 50000 rs device and such issues are really not acceptable. Don't know if Asus is concerned about customer satisfaction like OnePlus and their active community but i really regret becoming a member of Asus. This was my first time and i really regret. No proper response from Asus either. Probably they have started development of rog 4 rather than worrying about rog 3 anymore.

  • Can you stop recommending people to use an outdated version?

    Update to .78, Go into developer settings, disable HW overlay, Boom your black levels are the same as on .11 update and you have newest fixes and updates.

    To be clear, Asus isn't entirely sure what is causing black crush hence they do some experimental fixes like using a weird transparent overlay and red tint.

  • But enabling Disable HW Overlay in developer Option is draining the battery much faster. There is a constant GPU activity over 20%.

  • Disable HWOverlay isn't working for me ☹️

  • I respect your opinion

    Unfortunately, I will still insist on mine.

    So far, hardly anyone has seen about enabling disable HW overlay. I agree it improves YouTube and it's nice, but Netflix still looks bad. Plus, I NEVER had to enable this option even on the ROG 2, and black is great everywhere. It is also not known how it works on a battery (of course it will test)

  • I made a thread explaining how black crush came to be, as for netflix, they did fiddle with it on newer updates. In case of youtube .11 should look identical to .78 with HW disabled. Just be patient, I'm pretty sure Asus will do a proper fix soonish.

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