ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • Just got the .58 update and I can't say the problem is 100% solved (I'm confronting pics in my gallery) but a good 80/85% of the problem is gone now!

    I'll wait to have more time in my hands to see if this applies to all the apps but I already see the difference 🌸

  • Why haven't we got the .58 update yet.. still on .47

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    It is disheartening to see the amount of filth people have to say and the lack of patience they have. If you could only see the whole thread, you would realise that Anders had already stated the same he said right now. But the pathetic degree with which everyone on this forum is targeting the Mods and Devs and the people who are talking sense, is just astonishing.

    If you have so much problem, please read about Black Crush and what devices have it, instead of just blabbering whatever you want to on this forum. You spent your money by your choice. No one forced you to. So please stop making it sound like that. You wouldn't face black crush on day to day usage. It is limited to a few instances and I don't think it is that big of a deal that you all are making of it.

    So for the sake of God, be patient. And note that everybody talking sense here is tired of hearing you want to refund or return. Please already do it and suit yourself with a new device. Cheers!

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    Nah op didn't fix it,all they did was increase the minimum brightness (I felt the need to write this as I dunno why people have the misconception that other OLED displays don't have these issues)

    [The thing is all OLEDs have black crush even s9 (60hz) but the recent high hz panels have it a bit more pronounced ]

    Unless there is an improvement in OLED tech tint,black crush are here to stay (calibration does make a little difference tho)

    Their forums, telegram groups, XDA threads and reddit are still filled with display related complains (I did post a lot of links in my previous comment)

    Display uniformity,black bar around punch hole, retention,black crush,tint etc

    All the above samples are from oneplus 8/pro from their telegram group

    Even their own moderators on tg acknowledge the issues

    Samsung note 20 ultra by the way ^^ (70k+ phone)


    And samsung uses top of the line panels on their Flagships even oneplus 8 pro was touted to use a good samsung panel some sites even gave the display an A+ rating we all know how that turned out to be

    Asus did say they'll try calibrating the display better and further improvements will come with new ota updates

  • Even my phone has the same issue. Please try and resolve the issue or go ahead with the refund. We didn't expect this from a expensive phone. And sometimes my phone gets switch off automatically while using speakers.

  • Can anyone confirm if the .58 update is out for manual update. I can't see it?

  • Ok thanks@Averan

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    Donot spread old and false news averan..

    Black crush and display issues are worst on asus rog 3.

    And there software support is too bad..

    Enough of your fanboyism.

    There is a limit for everything

    Don't misguide the people here..they r not dumb.

    First buy both the devices then speak.

    I have both the devices and there r lot s of issues on rog 3.

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    "False news" ok

    "Outdated" Most of those pics are 2-3 weeks old at best

    By the way those screenshots I posted in my comment above are from the oneplus 8 pro telegram group from "actual users"

    Just take a peek at their reddit forums,tg grps, official forums etc you'll see

    And I'm not talking about 1-2 isolated cases/posts it's pretty widespread for all units

    To be honest I have no intention of arguing here but saying that an X oem has fixed something when in reality they haven't is a bummer and when you have proof from many sources to back it up (including people I know personally who got oneplus 8/pro and reported problems with it)

    Then again the latest 1000$ samsung note 20 with a high hz display has display problems (tint as reported in the source above)

    Plus I've seen a few comments here on this thread reporting that the black crush has been reduced after .58 so that's a good sign and Anders previous comment that Asus is working on it is a positive note

  • You can't expect the devs will update one after another. You can wait at least. They acknowledge that they will fix it through FOTA. Devs should do the proper procedure to fix the issues. What's the deal here? Stop hating. Its not that OnePlus updating their phone every other day.

  • And one more issue I find with my rog3 is 144hz becomes choppy at low brightness levels...Mod pls look into it..

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    Actually at low brightness Rog 3 defaults to 60hz (overriding whatever hz you're currently using your phone at)

    I think Asus did this on purpose idk why exactly maybe to save battery or maybe high refresh rate has tint at low brightness 🤔

    Many users on other phones (high hz) have complained about tint on low brightness maybe that's the reason Rog 3 defaults to 60hz

    This is just my theory though idk why exactly it defaults to 60hz

  • If they did this on purpose, there must be a reason. But I tend to use my phone at home exactly at the brightness level where the refresh reduces and during the second half of the day I decrease the brightness further. So my experience really takes a hit

  • Just manually updated to .58 and the black crush has lessened.

  • Can you send the manual update link @Skrue ?

  • Review of new firmware 17.0823.2007.58 - horrible.

    In my case the calibration seems to increase the black crush.

    I'm not gonna say anything else.

    ASUS Mods@ARP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS I need you guys to acknowledge this so that I can at least be content that the "software issue" on my non- returnable flagship phone could be fixed.


    P.S. Can we rollback System Update?( I'm not joking ).

  • Never going to purchase asus again all because of the screen issues.

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