Android 10 update when?

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Model Name: ASUS_X00TD

Firmware Version: WW-16.2017.2007.084

Previously i refrained from commenting on this forum because i thought there's no use in complaining during the times of a pandemic but i noticed something which compelled me to bring this issue to the community.

I have a Max Pro M1 4/64. I was fairly impressed with the device. Except the Camera for which i got Gcam. I remember the phone had the fastest updates till Android 9 as far as i can remember even android 10 beta was very atleast in the budget section.

Maybe due to change in company policy but suddenly Asus decided to ignore the device completely and barely giving updates and even harming device with some beta updates. My own device got completely messed up by the 2nd beta android 10 update and i had to change the sub board with my own money because of company's fault. i reached out to the company via twitter but i got no help because i was out of warranty.

My suggestion to all you guys is stop participating in beta and harm your device. i talked to a lot of guys on youtube it may be deliberate attempt to destroy old devices just enough to compel you to buy new ones.

The pandemic is not a problem for the Flagship updates just the budget ones.


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