Looking for Reviews for Asus ROG Kunai Gamepad 3 and TwinView Dock 3

Felis AlphaFelis Alpha Level 2
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I currently on Asus ROG Kunai Gamepad 2 and TwinView Dock 2 and would like a review from any users with a 3.


For gamepad: Has the Gamepad 3 improved on Bluetooth compatibility with PC using Windows 10 (Ironically, my Kunai 2 works very well via BT on Ubuntu 20.04, while it gives "driver error" on Windows 10 upon pairing) ?

For TwinView Dock 3: Any improvement on features and software on Rog Phone 3 and Rog Phone 2, compared to TwinView Dock 2 on Rog Phone 3 and Rog Phone 2?

(For example: BatteryCare available for Dock 3? Able to toggle to just one screen? Full keyboard screen for phone while using the dock screen? etc.?)

Thank you!

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