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    This is a very dangerous course you're taking. If you look at the Rog2 forums you can see how many phones had a problematic power delivery design making them restart and such, which could only be solved by replacing the entire logicboard with a superior one with beefed up power delivery, if something like this happens on the Rog3, you're on your own.

  • I sold my Pixel 4xl and so I basically got the ROG 3 for about £150. The risk isn't as bad for me. Also, forums tend to be disproportionately full of negative comments and people posting about faults. So statistically these hardware faults are likely to be rarer than the forums might indicate. Anyway, I'm comfortable with no warranty but others will have to think hard about whether they can accept that level of risk.

  • Well that's some positivity you'd need I guess. Sorry to burst your bubble but the rate of which the rog2 fails due to power delivery is very substational. I don't think that the rog3 has the same issue as ASUS probably learned from their Rog2 mistakes, that being said, IF something like this happens then good luck.

    Not to mention that the tencent version is an inferior version as well (parts wise). The other sad part is, depending on your country you might not even be able to use 5G.

    Also Pixel 4xl + 150GBP is basicially the price of the global 256GB version, so I'm not entirely sure what you're doing.

  • Well I'm glad I don't have the ROG 2 then.

    It's very touching to see your concern. Don't worry about bursting bubbles. There isn't one to burst and your attempts are feeble.

    I checked the frequency bands before I bought it and it's doing just fine. I'm not likely to be doing a lot of traveling any time soon so the missing bands are not missed.

    I don't know where you're getting your prices from but the few non tencent versions I saw being sold in the UK at that time were around 1000GBP. Maybe some have now gone down to around 800GBP. I bought mine for 500GBP.

    Like I said I'm fairly happy with my purchase.

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