Jog and advice for updating

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When do you plan to make updates?

You should stop ignoring customer satisfaction.

Asus doesn't care about older phones, if you had a new ASUS phone it would always get an update.

 Also, ASUS forgets that every old customer is a new customer. A company that was established years ago is passing you on software, for example oneplus foundation year 2013.

If you gave your support to products such as video cards or motherboards to mobile platforms, you might be playing the leadership right now.

I can see the inadequacy of friends working in the software department. Bug fix times are very long and another error occurs with every new update.

We expect a version that has been beta for several months to become stable. Your slogan should not be 16 GB RAM on the new phones you will release.

There should be constant software support. While 4 gb ram is enough for people, 16 gb ram will not attract anyone's attention

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