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Model Name: ROG phone 2

Hey , I guess I have an issue with the speakers on my mobile ,just bought this phone (2nd hand)

The top speaker sounds higher than the bottom one, and speakers sound cracking a little bit, is this normal or not?

Any possible app or anything so I can figure out what the problem is .

From a country that hasn't got an official Asus mobiles agent or dealer ,

Please help



  • For me bottom speaker is louder than the top speaker

    They told me that the top one is a bit smaller than the bottom one

  • The bottom speaker being louder is understandable,

    Am facing the complete opposite problem, that's y am asking and looking for a solution,

    Plus a I had an Asus Zenfone 6 , when I compared both phones speakers, the Zenfone 6 speaker was much louder than my ROG phone 2 ???

  • If this is the case, then factory reset your ROG 2 as a last resort before you send it in for repair

  • I am facing the same issue here. Bought my Rog phone 2 via this June 8, 2020. All was working perfectly until September 6, 2020 after 2 months from purchase. I noticed that the top/left speaker (receiver) is not working at all, no sound and vibration, while the bottom/right is working fine.

    I reviewed the terms/conditions of and it said that there is No Warranty for online purchace and if the item/gadget exceeds more than 30 days, it is not eligible to return to the reseller according to their "return and exchange' policy.

    Here are the troubleshooting steps that I did:

    1. I used the Assistance and Device Care option under the Support/FAQ menu. Tried the "Receiver Test" option, unfortunately I did not hear any voice prompt and so the test was a FAIL.

    2. Tried to turn Mono Audio ON, didn't help.

    3. Shutdown my phone for a at least 10 seconds and turned back ON (not restart), the problem still persists.

    4. Checked for any new updates. The system said that its currently updated.

    5. Did a back up and Restored to Factory Default settings, deleting all of my installed apps, files and all storages. Expecting that this way it will revert my phone to its brandnew state. Sadly it didn't help. The problem is still there, the top speaker still has No sound.

    6. I emailed ASUS tech support. They replied, but I think they didn't get my concern since after I have stated all of the actions that I have done. They are still suggesting to do another "Restore to Factory settings" action and Contact the online reseller.

    Now, I am considering to bring my phone to a service center here in Abu Dhabi, but i am scared that they won't take good care of my phone if they will check it. 😥 I need an expert advice, thanks!

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