Slow charging issues

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My phone 5z has recently stopped fast charging. The battery icon shows only + sign instead of ++ as earlier. It takes hours to complete 50%. using the same adapter which came with the box. Tried all solutions reason the zentalk forums. Please help




  • 一直都是用原廠的充電裝置,現在5z也是一直無法快充,常常看一下網站電池都充不回來,想了解是不是因為更新軟體的原因

  • Hi there, kindly let us know which firmware version your device is on.

    Also in order to help you better kindly help us with the following details:

    1. Kindly let us know the Charging time taken from 0 - 100%.

    2. What's the charging time difference between the current & previous update.

    3. Try another charger & let us know if there is any difference.

    4. Use the ASUS charger on a different phone & let us know the difference.

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