Where are the updates? [ZE620KL]

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Where the fuck is the stable update?

Initially, the Zenfone runs on android 8. In September 2018, release android 9 and in December 2018, I updated my phone. In other words, it took you 3 months to develop a stable version of Android 9. In August 2019, Android 10 was released. It's August 2020, where is any hint of a really stable version ? What is your problem? Why the fuck aren't you working?

Other companies that have ten times more mobile products are updating all possible gadgets . OnePlus announced that it will update its very first smartphone, it is already 6 years old, Karl!!

Why does someone need a few months to develop, and you and a year is not enough. How much longer are we going to put up with this?


  • Zenfone 5Z main camera is unable to focus after a buggy update. Require an update to remove this bug.

  • Developers, do you deliberately ignore messages in which you are scolded? Why haven't I received an answer to my question yet? How can you be so careless of your audience

  • Dear friends

    Thank you all for your asking. The latest ZE620KL Android 10 Beta Version (WW-17.0615.2005.25) is now on ASUS website for downloading. For any further information, please stay in tune with our social media channels or visit our ASUS support website. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. Thank you for your continuous support and patronage to ASUS.


  • I don't need a beta version that has a lot of errors, bugs and restrictions that can't be fixed for 6 months. We need information about the stable version. Testing deadlines, release date, and more. You don't want to tell us about it. Why?!?!?!!!! We want to get adequate answers, we want to feel that we are heard and listened to advice. You answer any question created on this forum as a Bot assistant. You are not helping solve the problems associated with the use of smartphones. You don't make contact. I'll ask the question again. Why?!?!?

  • You are so right! They could simply say "We can't tell you because we don't know", but no, they keep on cheating. I don't understand this attitude. Moreover, it always seems like there's a...bot...which is anwering to our questions. Dismal enough😒

  • The forum was created so that people could ask a question and get an answer from developers and the community.. but in fact, it turned out that people themselves are looking for solutions to problems and help each other. No help from the developers. They can only copy a previously prepared text of the same type and paste it. And for this they get money 💰 💰 you can then I will also become an admin and will also answer questions and earn money

  • Do not wait in vain friends, the update will come as October-November. ZenUI, I guess. It is not worth installing, so they will try and update after months. Since it does not have ZenUI, you will use it for 1 month and go back to android 9. At first I thought it would come with ZenUI6 and was very happy, but it wouldn't. Obviously, if there is no ZenUI, they don't need to update. I can install the vanilla android interface from roms. In short, the update will arrive from October to November without ZenUI. So do not tire yourself for nothing. I understood that there was no trust in Asus. The error problems I gave them all this time, their videos were all in vain. I still do my right. Their shame is not mine.

  • Is this your guess or accurate information about the release of a10 October-November?

  • Essa empresa é um lixo,os adm não estão nem aí pra responder os comentários,uma simples atualização e eles não são capazes de nós dá, Android 10 beta desde de Abril e não conseguem nós dá a estável com zenui 6,estou decepcionado com a Asus,nem previsão eles falam se sim ou se nã[email protected]_asus fale algo a respeito por favor

  • Estou mudando pra o note 8 pro aparelho excelente e empresa comprometida com seus clientes e atualização

    Adeus Asus nunk mais

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