Slow charging and Charge restriction

anjubunny123anjubunny123 Level 3
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

One of the best feautures of Rog 3 are slow and charge restriction

Slow charging basically reduces the charging power to 10w

With Charge restriction you can set Max limit of charge to 60 or 80 or 100 percent

I think no phone in the market has this feature and this can increase battery life span significantly

I request @Gustav_ASUS @Anders@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @ARP_ASUS to add these two feature to Rog 2 in the coming update

We Rog 2 users really love these two features and I hope Rog 2 is still considered as your primary device to provide support, features and we request these two features badly


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