Stable android 10 release date?

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When will the stable android 10 for ze620kl come out? How many future beta will you give? I've been holding myself from upgrading because I don't wanna experience lots of bugs. I know it need lots of time to fix bugs etc but for now any time estimation?


  • Never. This will never happen

  • Oh god should've known it will be like this. Are there still many important bugs in the latest beta? Is it worth it to update now? My main concerns are the camera and overall os stability. I don't really care about asus' bloatware.

  • I used all 3 beta versions. There are still enough errors. I would not recommend that you update your smartphone. At the moment, it is better to use Android 9. Personally, I no longer hope for a stable update of Android 10. Since the company does not want to support this line, there is no stable version for almost a year. This is my personal opinion and I do not urge anyone to adhere to it. But the fact remains that ASUS does not care about its users and does not want to keep them.

  • Thank you. What are the errors that still exists until now? If it isn't groundbreaking I might try it. Oh and it seems many people happened to be unable to focus after certain update. Do you get that bug too? I can't find anywhere whether asus has fixed the code in the recent update so that new upgrade from pie wont break the camera anymore

  • Hey man, I'm using beta version since they released it and I have to tell you I'm not satisfied at all.

    First of all for your information forget ZenUI it's stock android which means no more AI features and ZenUI functions you have on android 9. I would not recommend you to upgrade because the camera is not good at all anymore, its a snapdragon simple camera software where you can't use 49 mega pixels, cant choose to record a video on 1080p FHD with 60 or 120 fps which sucks very much and its most functions are gone (e.x panorama , slow motion) .

    Another disadvantage is the sound that now is way more weak but in recent update they kinda fixed it and its loud again but you have to turn it up full to get the louder sound you used to have.

    These are the major problems youll have if you upgrade and it has more bugs but not that bad. Anyway If you really care only about the camera then you should stay on android 9 because the camera really sucks now and its very sad because one of the greatest features in this phone is the camera.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask here.

  • The caméra can’t fucus issue is for 5z not 5. The biggest difference is that andriod 9 has ZenUI and android 10 beta has only android system

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