How is asus 6z now? Are the problrms solved regarding motherboard issue and call quality? Please ans

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  1. Please tell me
  2. I am planning to buy it but worried about the issues


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    I don't think sudden death will ever be fixed. Call quality is okay to me.

  • The phone is good but most Asus phones are out of stock on Flipkart.

    I also wanted to buy a second one for my Dad but could not and cannot go outside due to pandemic situation.

  • Since how many months you are using the 6z

  • I want to buy the phone when it's in stock.. Would you recommend to buy it?

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    i would lyk to say dat plz wait fr 7Z series...dnt go fr older series now

    hope thy wl launch in August...

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    It depends on current pricing, if it's on sale then it's worth it. I have it since July 2019, no issues till now with camera mechanism and I haven't had any problems with motherboard. Regardless, a friend of mine had random reboots issue and his RMA process was a pain in the neck. From my point of view this phone is a good all-rounder and I do recommend it however Asus's reaction to quite a major problem was underwhelming as nobody seemed to really care about solving the issue on the production line.

  • my suggestion just wait for 7z or just bought other brands, but if 6z on sale it's worth it, just don't get high hopes and expect any help if your 6z get trouble

  • Okay thank you...

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    beware. without volte support it might not work in the US in a few months:

  • The phone is great whith unique features over the rest on the market but there is a possibility ( as you can see if you go through this forum ) for some malfunctions to happen. I bought mine5 months ago and i went through issues such as camera mechanism to stop working and battery draining. Both of those solved in 5 working days by ASUSservice centre ( of course without any charge as we have 2 year warranty in EU). With that in mind, i would reccoment this device if your region serves you with at least 1 year warranty and if you are prepared for the possibility to bear some days without your device just in case something of the issues discussed in this forum occurs.

  • Well there still are shitty night pictures

  • Which is better one plus 7 or asus 6z?

  • I'd say zenfone 6.

  • New units of ZenFone 6 aren't facing any problems right? Or they are still facing?

  • They are always out of stock... When do they get into the stock 😒

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