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I am having problems launching Spotify, Numkey, adobe reader and other apps on my ScreenPad 2.0.

Can someone please help.

Thanks in advance


  • Hello Naji,

    Which model do you have?

    and what kind of APP have you installed?

    Please kindly provide screenshots of the issue.

    Thank you.

  • I might be having the same issue. Otherwise I'll open another thread.

    So, what's happening is that I cannot install other apps from windows store. Once I installed, they are not appear on the screenpad but only on the start menu list. If I click them they reopen windows store.

  • Hello @gkoroves ,

    Which model do you have?

    Those apps are for Screenpad 1.0 only, so I'm afraid that you have screenpad 2.0

    so therefore they can not be opened.

    Thank you.

  • Hi @Blake_ASUS ,

    Thanks for the reply. Honestly, I feel embarrassed and very upset! I’ll explain you why.

    Model is ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX580GD

    So, those app is for the v1.0? Why they are appear on my Asus support page since only v2.0 is available to install?

    Are they similar apps for v2.0?

    I’m very upset coz I’ve chatted 3 times with Asus agents for that issue and no one has picked up. Actually, they asked to do so many things and I have reset my laptop 4 times!!!!!



  • From what I understand from Asus website.

    Screenpad 2.0 allows you to install on the pad any application from windows store. This is the principle of this version. You need sometime to configure the application to work correctly on a small screen knowing that the definition of the screenpad is huge compared to its size.

    Screenpad 1.0 was not so open but had a limited number of apps designed for it.

    If you go over the marketing layer, it looks like Asus decided to lighten screenpad software development workload by openning it and by abandonning proprietary solution. There are pros and cons... personnaly I am fine with ScreenPad 2.0

  • what is screenpad and can it be use with common computer brand?

  • Hello @gkoroves ,

    Your device should comes with 1.0 initially, then when you are setting everything up, it might have been updated to 2.0 through ASUS live update. so now you have Screenpad 2.0. Am I right?

    On UX580GD support page, we listed all 1.0 apps there since the very beginning we launched this model , before 2.0 comes out. And it would be easier for 1.0 users to find, sorry for confusing.

    And yes, just like Alexandre said, screenpad 2.0 allows users to use third party apps on Windows store, so we no longer listed the apps, we encourage users to use whatever they want.

    Let me know if there is anything I can help.

    Thank you.

  • Hi @alexandre_benhamou n @Blake_ASUS ,

    Thank you both for your time.

    It does make sense what you guys saying.

    Is just very frustrating how 3 Asus advisor saw the same screenshot I sent here and they asked me to reset the laptop 3 times. The last one even asked me to send the laptop for hardware assessment!!!

    Anyway, thank you!


  • Hello George,

    I'm really sorry about this.

    I happened to handle more similar issues here on forum, maybe that's why.

    I have reported this to related department.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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