Game Changer - Introducing the ROG Phone 3!



  • It's available you just can't use CDMA networks for text/talk, i.e. Verizon Wireless. VZW does not work in US due to lack of radio capability in ROG3, no software updates can fix this outside Verizon switching to 5G networks for their text/talk carrier. If this happens the clarity and reliability will degrade slightly but at least you'd be able to use the ROG3 for text/talk on VZW. Right now only AT&T "officially" supports the ROG3 while T-Mobile networks support it but don't attempt to activate a new SIM you must already have an activated SIM card from another supported phone

    You can use VZW for mobile data, and then use a WiFi calling service like Google Voice for calls but if you have a carrier assigned phone number and you want to use the ROG3 only AT&T and T-Mobile (although unofficially) support that.

  • ASUS ROG Phone 3 has a very poor post image processing.

    ASUS people if you are reading this please work on it and improve it in next update.

    We want better images than Android 11

  • Any update for cn version??

  • Which mobile of Asus company would be good ? in which long battery and nice camera and most important Stylish models. please give me Best Answers .

  • Go with Zenfone 7 pro as a perfect all rounder with great cameras, battery life, with its unique flip camera design with OIS, and Zenui 7 like sweet cherry on its top also Android 11 is coming really very soon 🤪

    If you can wait until april than i may suggest you there are more zenfone's and ROG in pipeline for 2021 so after they get launched it will be much easier for you to choose between and as those new launched devices will own upgraded hardware with better designs than last you can think before your best buy 😁


  • I do}nt know about any one else but I already regret buying my phone directly from asus and starting to completely regret buying asus at all because there online sucks and trying to do anything customer service wise is compleat trash. I been trying to get a hold of some one for way to flipping long. So I can get my phone sent on and f ing fixed .

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