ASUS TUF B450 MB dont support AMD CPU Virtual without crashing in windows 10.

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I got a new ASUS TUF B450-PLUS GAMING motherboard which I built with AMD Ryzen 5 (3600) CPU, Crucial M.2 SSD 1TB Drive, ASUS TITAN BLACK GPU and Crucial 16GB RAM (4600).

My PSU is a Crucial at 1000W.

Its of course a desktop.

Every time I enable CPU Virtualization in BIOS, I crash when loading Win 10 Desktop.

This is only because of BIOS not supporting AMD Ryzen CPU (AMD claims so)

In order to get the critical Memory protection from Win 10, windows require CPU Virtualization to flip on the safety switch.

This is the error message I get EVERY TIME I ENABLE CPU VIRUALISATION in BIOS, and then load windows.

After checking my system for over a month, I have ruled out anything other then the "ASI02.sys" somehow shuts down windows, with a "System Service Exception" Error. (this is very serious)

However, this blue screen, which Microsoft support has checked out, does not harm my system.

But why cant you fix this? AMD RYZEN CPU 5 are supported in the manual!

Here is the rest of my system

Win 10 HOME

This is my ASUS Motherboard TUF B450-PLUS GAMING

This is what happens when I turn on CPU Virtualization in BIOS. But I DONT enable the Memory protection.

All works fine!

When I enable the Core Isolation...this happens!

When I reboot to let the CORE protection engage, this happens:

The ASUS CRATE software put in logs. But they are all in Chinese?! I am swedish and my Win 10 is 100% US-English!

These are the logs anyway.

So, whats wrong?

How do I get my ASUS Motherboard to support AMD RYZEN CPU?

Thanks for awesome productions!

Best Regards

Jonas Hansson, Datacenter Design Architect

Gothenburg, Sweden.



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