[BUG] Wifi toggle take few second to switch off.

Adi2890Adi2890 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2


I have been experiencing wifi toggle issue from the day A10 arrived on Rog Phone II, it switches on wifi instantly but when i switch it off it take few seconds for that. I have also found (with the help of rog group member on telegram) that this issue is due to vowifi integration when vowifi is off then the wifi switches on and off instantaneously, attached a video for the same.

One issue which is more consistent and i guess anyone hasn't looked into is animation and UI stuttering in the A10 from day one, i checked all the possibilities and found out that the system is not able to maintain the hz which it was set on for ex. If i have set it to 120hz after few hour it drop down to 60 to 75hz (checked via Vsync) and to get back it to 120 hz i have to restart my phone. And its been my daily practice to restart my phone once to feel the fluidity of the phone.


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