windows recognize monitor but no signal coming from hdmi Level 1
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  1. System: ASUS VivoBook
  2. Model: K571GT i7 9750h, intel UHD 630, nvidia 1650
  3. Frequency of occurrence: 1 month
  4. Reset OS: Windows 10 x64
  5. Screenshot or video: attached


Detailed description:hi, when I plug in hdmi cable to port windows recognize monitor and show it in display setting :

But noting in external monitor !!!! monitor show check signal cable.

tried update Intel UHD 630 driver, reinstalling etc...

what cause this problem ? I bought this notebook 1 month ago


  • Hello,

    Do you have another cable or another monitor you can cross check ?

    Thank you.

  • ok I'll borrow and check that.

    for now as shown in image below windows recognize second monitor connected but monitor show "check signal cable" message then turn off :

    this might help me, can you tell me this hardware config info for my laptop HDMI port ?

    I think my Intel UHD 630 platform id is : 0x3E9B0000 is it correct ?

    but I don't know hdmi port : Index,Bus Id, Pipe I have no success finding these info 😑

  • Hello,

    May you press Win+P to switch mode to see if the external monitor will show?

    Thank you.

  • Hi, yes I did all typical ways, no success. I'm a programmer and familiar with how windows work with external displays.

    as I don't have access to asus support centers, don't know how to get this hardware details. these can really help me figure the exact problem :

    Intel UHD 630 platform id, hdmi port : Index,Bus Id, Pipe

  • Hello,

    So how about using another monitor or cable?

    Thank you.

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