I m getting continuosly high ping while playing pubgm on Mobile network. How can i fix it.

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  • I m getting continuosly high ping while playing pubg. I have Asus rog 2. Is it problem with android 10? How can i go with android 9

  • Ping on mobile will always be high , so its recommended get a wifi connection..

    I have a 50Mbps wifi connection and the highest ping i get in pubgm and call of duty is 50ms

    Also its not a firmware issue

  • Same is with me, even my mobile data is not working properly.

  • Me to iny solves

  • Me too pls any fix or solve

  • Me too pls any one tell the company to fix it

  • Hi @pratyushvishwastranger,

    How much ping are you getting? Also, as suggested Mobile network can be unstable even when there is less congestion. Considering lockdown there is already too much pressure on mobile network.

    Have you tried on a Wifi connection?

    What's the Ping that you are getting?

  • Wifi connection 20ms ping.

    Mobile network ping fluctuates very often (400ms, 968ms..200ms)

    below 100 rare.. tried in 30mbps mobile network. (Problem ping fluctuation)

    devoloper options >> game driver>>select app.

    I trying to figure out at


  • rhyanrhyan Level 1

    Hi me too I'm already connected to WiFi but I can't connect to games?? Like black desert online.. I have internet connection.. this thing started when I update to a latest Android 10 pls fix it... Version 17.0240.2007.27.. it not accepting below 20mbps connection..

  • You can't say that. I always use mobile data and my point is mostly 20-25ms. There may be a variety of factors for high ping. But as of now, it's due to PubgM server problem. All the phones are having high ping now.

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