No media sound after pressing volume button so as to mute the call ring and also some speaker issue.

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I'm having Asus zenfone max m2 and I face this issue almost everytime when I mute the ringtone while call rings. Sometimes I don't want to answer the call and just wanna mute and continue watching the video but this bug doesn't allow that. The media volume comes after the call ring turns off by it's own or when I reject call, so I've to wait for the call to completely stop ringing and sometimes it shows a message in a small grey Box Below "No audio. Only video" or something similar. Even the volume buttons don't respond at this moment I even tried to minimize the call screen and then use volume button to increase volume but the control didn't even show up. Please fix this as soon as possible this is very annoying.

And one more thing there is a slight noise comming from the main speaker of the phone when the media volume is set to minimum no matter in which app the sound is playing I've tried changing the music player also. It is audible when speaker is held up near the ear and this noise also comes in the earphone (I use wired), so this is why I think this might be a software issue, please fix this also. Thank you


  • Hi there, kindly share with us the firmware version of the device, we'd request you to factory reset your phone

    after taking a full backup :

    If still you face the issue visit the service center to have a check. Locate here:

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    Hello, if you're asking me to do a factory reset then I have done it twice now and the issue still exist. In on Android 9 (build no:OPM1.WW_Phone-16.2018.2007.68- 20200706).

    And I told you that slight noise from phone speaker comes not only from speaker but from earphones as well, I don't hear any noise while same earphone are plugged into other devices.

    I've seen another same asus device and the same thing happens on call, media sound gets muted until call stops ringing and volume buttons don't work, media sound comes after call stops ringing, the same thing happened. So I think it's a software bug rather telling me to go to service center Asus should make this bug fix for all phones.

    Thank you.

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