Volte will soon be required for TMobile



  • They said they didn't want to release it from what I read because it doesn't have the proper 5g bands for north America. I'm hoping they release a model that has bands specific for north America. Otherwise I'll have to look for a new phone.

  • Nobody gives a crap about 5G in this thread. People give a crap about being able to actually use their phones as phones. If it won't support VoLTE, why would you think it'll support whatever new protocol 5G uses for voice?

  • Maybe someone should start a class action lawsuit against Asus. It's ridiculous to buy a phone expecting it to work with a national cell service only to have to buy a new phone only a year later. I don't care how inexpensive it is, most people are not tech savvy enough to understand that volte would be necessary in order to keep using your phone. I'm sure that had everyone known this was going to be the inevitable result, Asus would NOT have sold one unit in the USA because they were selling a product that was already obsolete when it was put on the US market. They are enabling wifi in other countries. Why are they not following suit in the US??? This is an amazing piece of tech but if it doesn't work as a phone, it's basically bricked. I am always concerned that a company support their product for security and OS updates for at least two years. Who knew when I bought this phone that Asus wouldn't even guarantee that Is be able to just keep using it as a phone? We need VOLte enabled or we need to demand refunds. They've basically stolen our money for a device that didn't do what it was suppose to do.

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    I find it ridiculous that we need to wait for a yes or no answer for whether or not volte will be enabled. We should not have to wait this long for volte to be enabled. If Asus does not want to give us VOLTE, just SAY IT. Don't make everyone wait till next year just to find out that ASUS abandons and refuse to provide support volte functionality for US customers.

  • It works on the 6 on the beta release for 11 so it is coming guys.

  • Today only rog 3 got volte from latest update so I think they will add it soon to Asus 6z through update

  • Android 11 beta

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    And again, thanks for stealing my screenshot rather than linking to my post here in the forums.

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    I had no idea it's your's nor have I seen your post here on the forums

    This screenshot was posted by someone in the telegram group of Zenfone 6 (was that you?)

    And this was just to inform US customers about the available support I didn't mean to "steal" anything or discredit you

    I apologise for any inconvenience will tag your id going forward in such cases

  • Hopefully with implementation of VoLTE, hopefully VoWiFi will also be enabled.

  • I wonder why VoLTE and WifiCall is not standardized activated. In Germany T-Mobile and also Vodafone provide both possiblities and all Flagships from Samsung, Huawei others can use VoLTE and WifiCall!

    Please activate the functionalities for german Telecom Providers!!!!🙏

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    Looking forward to this. If it wasn't for the T-mobile Digits app, I would not even know that I missed at least 3 calls and 2 voicemails (one important one from a family member) this week. I hope having LTE for calls will help with this.

  • I can confirm the beta firmware VoLTE works. Tested by turning off Wi-Fi and using data during a phone call. That never worked on previous firmware.

  • That always worked Ive done it everyday on my zenfone 6 I've had for a year now on TMobile in Chicago

  • It never worked for me before today. Just updated to beta firmware yesterday.

  • I sure hope I can use my $800 Asus ROG phone 2 for more than just one year! Please give it an update to support VOLTE on T-Mobile in the U.S.! Only 6 weeks left!

  • ​Thank you for contacting ASUS product support. My name is Cassandra C. I would like to welcome you to the ASUS family, I also appreciate the time out you have taken to notify us of your concern and I apologize for any inconvenience caused. I’m grateful to be able to further address this matter with you.

    It is my understanding that you are inquiring about VoLTE support. Regrettably, ASUS unlocked carrier Zenfone devices sold in the USA do not support VoLTE. At this time, we are unable to confirm if there will be any updates that will have VoLTE support. I do apologize.

    In the event that you have additional concerns, please let me know and I will be happy to take care of them as well. Thank you for choosing ASUS.

  • It's coming in the Android 11 update this has already been confirmed

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