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Hi I am a proud owner Asus max pro m1 and next I bought 5z. I have been using asus for past 3yrs for asus reliable hardware.

That's why I spent so much money to buy the Rog phone 2. Initially I loved the phone and it's the best phone ever made in my opinion for this price.

2months back I started to facing to random reboot issue only if I use my phone while charging. It's just random when playing. I thought it's a software issue.

Now it's increased a lot. Phone started to reboot even when i am using whatsapp call while charging.

Phone shut off/black screen only if I use my in charging otherwise no issue.

4 times I have tried factory reset, I have tried all the andriod 10 versions, reverted back to Android 9 also. Same issue.

Along with me many of the customers are facing this shutdown issue if you can check the telegram/zentalk group. 

I am sure it's a hardware issue, the thing is i am in onsite rightnow. My warranty gonna expire in 6months and I am not in india.

I am trying to reaching India from Kuwait. But due to corona I am unable to do so.

I will reach out to service center in my hometown in india before 6months but I am afraid if things go wrong I don't know what to do.

I don't wanna regret buying this ROG2.

So many other users also facing this hardware issue.

It's so frustrating to use the phone while charging

I have so much respect for the asus reliability but this hardware issue is killing me.

Kindly help me out 


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    File a claim with your bank, it's as simple as that. If you send it in for repairs you will wait more weeks just for them to tell you that you caused the problem and you need to pay for the repairs. See my thread, lots of others have complained with the same issue.

  • I bought it in india. 30 day only return period available.

    How can I file a claim via bank since I bought it in flipkart.

    I am also staying in Kuwait right now.

    Don't know what to do

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    It doesn't matter who you buy it from, or even where you are staying. Ff you purchased the item online from a retailer, then there is a record of the transaction.

    What will happen is, your bank will refund you the money by taking money out of the flipkart merchants bank account (essentially acting as a refund). From there, it will be between the flipkart merchant and ASUS to settle the financial dispute, because you have to remember that many of these online retailers aren't ASUS, they simply are authorized by ASUS to sell the phones. The flipkart merchant will end up fighting with ASUS on getting his money back, because he purchased the phone from ASUS in order to sell it online.....

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi @psgbharathi,

    If you have purchased the ROG Phone 2 from India, you need to get the device check in India.

    The warranty carries only local warranty.

    Be rest assured that during current situation we are doing everything possible to provide support to our users.

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