New Bugs In Max Pro M1 After .084 Update



  • asvirenasviren Level 1

    I'm received update today 😊

  • Can you solve these issues to each and every user of asus then we go to service center, Say First

    And system ui crash and screen Touch Not Responding properly is not issue of hardware this is due to software I already changed my Touch screen, So dont make consumer fool Ok.

    Asus I just want to say you that plz make good stable stock ui which work properly and solve this touchscreen issue also this is only due to software I already visited service center okay.

  • I need a perfect solution Ok, I already visited service center in past. When my device cover under warranty at that time also I am facing same issue and now also I am facing same issue. So At the end Your service center also like your device. I need solution




    All of you what are you doing.

    I definitely say that there is no longer future of Asus in Indian market because you are not able to give proper service.

    I know that you device is good in hardware but that much is not OK there is some thing's like Software . Which Is too much poor in your Field.

    I just want to say that through hardware only your device not become good, You need to give best software also.

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