I've been using ZenFone for 6 years and...

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I've used the ZenFone 5 (2014), ZenFone 2 and now using ZenFone 5 (2018). I was a die hard fan of Asus just because of their software support and good servic. F*ck me if I buy another ZenFone in the future.

Why we can't get the same support as the 5Z users get? As far as I know, there's no higher flagship model than ZenFone 6. So why do we get ignored? Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung... They all support their 4 years old devices and even 5 yo sometimes. Obviously only thing Asus offers after first year is bunch of shit.

It's been months, still no a stable update for Android10, or almost no "real" bug fixes.


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    Dumb mod reply alert : Ohh I aM sOrrY fOr tHE inCoNViENCe.. Bla bla bla

    I am sick of being ignored by Asus. And I am sick of those dumbass fanboys and mods in here. Especially you, Christine. Tons of reports, lots of advices and requests. No solutions, same copy-paste replies. Answer me Christine, you write that "18 months of support" message to all those discussions. Ummm, excuse me?! Did you release ZenFone 5Z AFTER than ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5 Lite (2018 ones)

    How come they get some special treatment but we can't. Do also you give blowjobs to 5Z users? If yes, I can maybe consider buying another ZenFone with the title of "We Love Blowjobs" me too asus. Me too..

  • I Am Also Big Fan Of ASUS Zenfone I Bought 3 Zenfone Device In My Life. This Zenfone My Last Then Never Ever Buy Phone From ASUS Not Because Of Poor Hardware Quality . Useless Mods , Devs And Leaderboard. They Never Care About Customer Needs . What They Think They Will Implement . Worthless Mods , Devs And Leaderboard Asus Gave Job From Them .. Today I Bought Poco X2 Because Of This Stupid Mods , Devs And Leaderboard . They Never Implement ARCore For Zenfone 5Z past 2 years ...

    Mods , Devs And Leaderboard Congrats Finally I Got ARcore Support But Not In Zenfone 5Z . Poco X2 🤣

  • Dear friends

    Thank you all for your asking. I haven't received any information. The latest ZE620KL Android 10 Beta Version (WW-17.0615.2005.25) is now on ASUS website for downloading. For further information, please stay in tune with our social media channels or visit our ASUS support website. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. Thank you for your continuous support and patronage to ASUS.


  • Asus Devs , Moderators , Leaderboard And Like U People 🤢🤮 My Reaction Not For ASUS Hardware.

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    I Know No One Care Customer Satification ASUS .. I Know Xiaomi Community Strong There Humans Only But Here All Robot Moderators , Devs Always Copy Paste 🤮 . I Know Xiaomi OS Not Stable And Here Also Not Stable .. They Trying To Do Fullfill Customer Needs . Here Robots (Moderators ) Are Copy Pasting Same Template 🤣.

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