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So Asus charged 900$ for a device and it does not have basic communication feature like volte/vowifi 100$ like zte are supporting volte across all carriers but we can't get for Rog2 it's been an year and even Rog3 is being released

What's the point of selling device without phone feature (i alert all other members to look at the reviews of big tech YouTubers, none of them point out at this glaring omission)

This is my last asus device and will never be recommending it to anyone in USA.

Asus wants money but they can't work out an essential part of so called phone


  • I've noticed with every update that comes over the air they bring VOLTE to more carriers and locations. We've been getting a update every month. I've owned the rog 2 since April and I've gotten a update every month. I'm certain they will bring it to the majority of us carriers by the end of the year

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    This has been issue right from zenfone 5 days rog zenfone 6 all of them suffer with same issue

    In USA there are areas where signal reception is very low and heavily reliant on vowifi

    Volte/vowifi is not a feature that can be added with Ota it should work out of the box even after shelling 900 usd the device can even function like a phone?

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    Please VoLTE TIM Brazil!

  • I will qoute Anders on what he said for VoLTE.

    "It's really complicated and here's why

    Some carriers charge a lot of money for VoLTE support. Some will do it for free. But in both cases, you need extensive field testing. Even when the carrier do cooperate, it often involves a lot of meetings, documents going back and forth, to make sure compatibility is good enough. In some cases asus can do the field testing and in other cases the carrier want to do it themselves. But this doesn't matter that our phones will have high priority. It can takes months and months before the testing is done.

    It's much easier for bigger brands that are usually sold by the carriers themselves. It's also a lot easier getting support if it's a model with huge sales volume since it will mean more customers for the carrier. We're not there yet which means that we're not a priority for most carriers.

    Some brands have partly solved this by allowing users to activate unsupported VoLTE. I may work but there's no guarantee just because the hardware is there. It could also become a daily issues for the customer and in rare cases it could even become a legal issue for the manufacturer. An example would be where the customer is in a life threatening situation and can't call anyone because the phone tries to make the call via VoLTE. Who has the responsibility if someone dies? This is a worst case (what if) scenario but it still needs to be considered.

    You can also imagine that the relationship between the manufacturer that allows unsupported VoLTE and the carrier wouldn't exactly improve if this carrier receives a lot of complaints from customers using unsupported VoLTE. You may remember today and next week that you activated VoLTE without official support in a hidden menu but eventually most people forget and when important phone calls can't be made, someone is to blame. That angry phone call, email or forum thread will go to either the carrier or the manufacturer as we humans (in general) are very good at blaming everything and everyone but ourselves."

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    I have been listening to these lies by asus for years I even contacted their vp office in US

    Asus is not small by any means its one of well known companies in USA

    Small companies like zte (how many of them even know it), BLU who sell phones at 100 usd are selling phone so this argument of small and big companies itself is false one

    So how can a company sell 900 usd phones which doesn't feature basic phone service? So you /they want money but okay we will update volte when we get a chance (it's been year if you consider product cycle as Rog3 is being released and we have same problem) rog did not have it rog2 doesn't have it

    So why sell phones in a region when you cannot promise customers with connectivity options in 2020

    Asus doesn't consider usa as their primary Market then they shouldn't sell phones and fool customers

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    Not looking for agressive arguments, but I would love to discuss on this though with constructive means.

    It is enabled for some carriers, but it's not available to all carriers unlike other flagship phones. I can probably imagine the negotiations that goes behind the doors of this and it will probably cost more to the manufacter (like ASUS) more in the long run as this is being advertised the gaming. You never know, ASUS might add more onto the list in the future, but it's probably not a quick task.

    I think, like buying any phones, you should do some research into the phone you buy. I wanted a phone which has 5G, but I know what is coming to me when I brought this phone as I was looking at S20 Ultra too because of 5G. But I wanted something different which was why ASUS ROG 2 is the phone I chosen and not have 5G instead.

    The choices is out there and it's really up to the person's preference. It was not forced. If a phone doesn't have all the features needed for everyday use, then it simple a no-go for the phone.

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    Asus is not a small company, you're right. But Asus also is not the "typical" phone manufacturer which does not sell volumes of mobile devices compared to Sony, Samsung, Apple etc. So as explained by Anders would make alot of sense.

    I really want Volte here in the UK but I think with time it will come (As seen in the last three updates of areas of europe alone being added). I think over time they will get the coverage but its not easy talking to every different phone network across the world to set up VoLTE when your not well known to the providers, especially if sells are lower and they'd rather focus on the new samsung phone for example.

    I agree with Ronald, some research is needed into the phone but this is really focused as a gaming one and its a niche area which not all people will look for. Heck I did not know Asus did a phone until I saw someone in Japan with their first ROG phone.

  • So yesterday I got an email from ATT telling me that my phone does not support their new networks - which while they did not explain it in the email but it has to be the shutdown of 3G and requiring VoLTE. They said I will need a new phone soon or I will be unable to make calls. So this phone isn't even a year old. There are four year old flip phones that have VoLTE. Asus needs to spend what ever money needed to update the ROG 2 on AT&T and T-Mobile to support VoLTE. Either that or they should offer a full refund to owners. This seems like grounds for a class action lawsuit to me based on a violation of the implied Warranty of Merchantability

  • May be worth contacting support and seeing what they see, this may push them to really work hard on VoLTE.

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    Is it possible to just use 4G? You can still do everything 3G can do.

    The device supports 4G and I'm pretty sure VOLTE runs on and from 4G. So it's not like the phone will become useless if you don't have it.

    Or am I missing something?

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    When does the US drop 3g networks? I know here in Australia it's not till about 2024

    @ronald1985 when you make a call the phone automatically drops back to 3g or H+ without the volte support for the carrier and phone it won't have anything to fall back to there will still be 4g for data but no calls so you can't make a call at all once the 3g network shuts down

  • In Brazil, low level Samsung smartphones has VoLTE, super powerfull ROG II not!!!! Unbelievable!

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