Gyroscope Issue

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Hello...why whenever I on a gyroscope in pubg mobile it always dragging down by its self


  • Open the calculator and press .12345+=

    This will take you to SMMI TEST. Continue to 'Single test' and do the following:

    • Gyroscope Test
    • GSensor Test

    Report back with the results to me.

  • I also feel sometime

  • Happens to me sometimes. Don't know what causes the issue. All of a sudden it starts acting abnormal, that too in the middle of a match, and you can't adjust the scope at all.

    Whenever it happens, I just quickly open up the PUBG Mobile settings and turn off the Gyroscope and then come back to the game screen, then again I open up the settings and change the Gyroscope settings back to the "Scope on" option , which fixes my issue.

    It doesn't happen in all matches but sometimes, it starts acting that much abnormal. Don't know why! 😓

  • This is probably issue with pubg sometimes just restart your game and it's back to normal , even my frnds using one plus told me same issue they were facing during Arena mode . Thankyou

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