When is the 6z coming back in stock

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Im a corona warrior working on the frontlines of covid. I want to ask Asus India when can i buy the 6z online. When i get covid and die?

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    Contact me on 8007681497 on my 5z, if you guys can send me a 6z unit from somewhere in your stocks. I'll pay you your price. Many thanks in advance to Asus if u guys can find mw one. I'm in love with your phones and i want to upgrade to 6z, this glum corona life will be uplifted for me if i coukd buy the 6z somewhere. Amen!


  • Hi there, we really appreciate your interest in the Asus 6z. We'd recommend you to stay tuned with us for more info regarding the stock up. The stock is only available via Flipkart.

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