Screen opens to the lock screen by itself

survivor303survivor303 Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Even i dont get any notifications, it just opens itself.

This unwanted feature just drain the battery.

This happen on 165 and earlier firmware versions.


  • _jis__jis_ Level 5

    Answer how did you set these two options:

    Settings / Display / Standby screen / New notifications

    Settings / Apps & notifications / Notification manager / Notifications on lockscreen

  • You really answer for nothing.

    I just reporting a bug, not asking anything, but thanks anyways. 🙃

  • _jis__jis_ Level 5

    Please answer my question about your settings. Only then can we move forward in solving your problem.

    Your phone may be infected with malware, and these settings may facilitate the behavior you describe.

  • There isn't anything on these settings which can do this.

    About malware, where you got this idea? i have Kaspersky av on my phone and its come clean.

    what options you mean on those settings?

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