Stuck at 59fps & 119fps after new updates

OgghyOgghy Level 2
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

So, i just got a weird bug after i update my Rog phone 2 into the latest version.. everytime i play a game, the fps will stuck at 59 and 119 fps but completely find when i turn the refresh rate into 90fps.. i don't why but it's actually happen really random.. sometime i got a steady 60fps on game and then the next day the fps will stuck at 59/119 again.. but unfortunately i cannot reach 120 whatsoever.

This is the screenshot

You can see that the frame rate is not stable. I i think the problem is the vsync on the screen is messed up because the update?

Here's another screen shot

Can anyone find it and fixed it immediately ? Yeah it's a minor thing but it's really make me uncomfortable because i got a lot of micro stutter that will ruined my gameplay.. and it's never happen before i update.

Thank you...


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