ROG Phone 2 Auto Restart 2 times and freezes



  • Like zenfone6 .167 update triggered the motherboard issue. I can say something happened with our rog2.

    It happened for most of the devices, heck I can't even use whatsapp or games while charging.

    Phone getting restarted.

    I know it's a hardware issue. But why asus is not saying anything or admitting their side problem like they did for zenfone6

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    Absolutely right and you have answered your own question on why this is a hardware problem.

    Therefore to combine your answer and previous post made by moderators/admin (search the forum) and you will see that you will need to go to service centre.

  • Does anyone has the solution for this issue.. rather than going to service centre..??

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    Trust me red enchantment is soooo much more terrible than anything I've found out about asus. Take a gander at the Facebook page surveys. It may be anything but difficult to excuse a couple of appalling encounters however a great many dozenses. I had most likely the most noticeably terrible experience an individual could have. I've yet to see anything approach it. It's the explanation I went with the rog 2 over the red enchantment 5G. NO REGRETS at all

  • Guys do give a solution please.. @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS

  • Facing same issue bro,but don't worry asus will maike it more worst in coming updates.🥺

  • I really hate this, when I'm in online classes this happens to me a lot of times.

  • Just registered to this site to say same thing. The last update brought issues to the phone. So I'm gonna search the threads and see if I got same issue.

    Sometimes, I play I game and it will restart. Most of the times, the restart will be followed by livewebview error.

  • Same here, the phone restart when playing PUBG Mobile

  • Helo guys do this happen to you while playing pubg only or?

  • In my case only when playing PUBG

  • Ok then customize the temperature control, keep at low and try playing pubg and if it works or dont please let me know.

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