Mobile data displays "no internet" after latest update(17.0240.2007.27). Please help.

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Yesterday i just updated my rog phone 2 to latest system update (17.0240.2007.27) until i recognized that everytime i turn on my mobile data it displays "no internet" but i can still use my mobile data. Is it a kind of a bug?


  • most probably its just a bug. to check further, boot into the Safe Mode and in the Safe Mode, after turning off the airplane mode, turn on the mobile data and check whether the issue is still happening or not. If the same is still happening in the Safe Mode, then I would like to recommend you to wait for few more days and check whether the issue gets fixed or not.

    If the issue still keeps happening then perform a hard reset from the Recovery menu after taking full backup of your internal storage items.

    **To boot into the Safe Mode, long press the power button until the Power menu shows up. once power menu shows up, long tap on the "Power off" option and a pop up will show up with Safe Mode confirmation. Just press the OK button and your phone will boot into the Safe Mode.

    **To boot into the normal mode again, just restart the phone normally by long pressing the power button and tap on the Restart option.

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    considering the fact that you have received and applied the latest update within last few days, lets wait for another few days until the update gets settled with the system. Sometimes it happens that post updating to the new version, some minor bugs keep showing up.

    in the meantime, you may try to remove the SIM tray and after cleaning the SIM metal parts, reinstall both the SIM Cards by interchanging their positions and check. If still the issue persists the same way, let us know here.

  • When i changed their position it is still the same. I also recognized a noification from android system. It displays "sign in to network", when i signed in its back to normal. Why is it became manual connection? My network connection in settings is automatic.

  • I faced the same problem. It was gone after i restart the phone

  • It will be back if u change your preferences for internet

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