Reverse charging and data transmission

After recent update of android 9 version 82, reverse charging and data transmission error showing on screen, due to this unable to charge mobile when it's on and it's charging when mobile is power off. Please help.

Now updated to android 10 new version same issue coming.

Slice this issue.


  • Hi prabhakerreddy11,

    We suggest that you use the original ASUS charger, and try with new cables and check again.

    If the problem still appears, please back up your data and try a factory reset.

    If the problem still appears, please show us a screenshot of the error message. Thank you.

  • I'm facing same issue with my Asus Zenfone pro max m1 after last update.

    Phone not getting charged with Asus charger or data cable connected to laptop/PC.

    When I switch it off , only then it start charging with both Charger and datacable and continue to charge even on swithcing it ON, but it displays Reverse charging pop-up window /notification.

    If remove the charger and rec-connect, it again stops charging.

  • Hi vipankumardhiman,

    According to what you have described, we suggest that you clean the USB port with a soft brush.

    If the behavior still occurs, we would advise that you have the unit sent in for an assessment and servicing where necessary.

    The link below will help in finding your local service center:

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