When will asus provide Android 10 FOTA update.

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When will you give Android 10 Fota update. We are eagerly waiting for it from past two months. Every time when I talk to you online chat customer support they only say that their team is working on it.

I think they are got in sleep while working hard to search for incredible.

I had updated manually to Android 10 beta 2 version but it has lots of bugs and because of that I ended on downgrading to Android 9.


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    Now where are the stupid mods?? reply to this na...they won't reply to things when the company is seen bad...just hypocrite illiterate mods

  • Guys go for Custom ROM and enjoy the unlimited out of the hardware until the remaining life span of the mobile.

  • Their are lots of bugs in developers beta 2 version.

    And those are:-

    a) Camara

    1) Recording starts automatically when we switch to video mode.

    2) Unable to record video properly.

    3) And by chance if video is properly recorde then audio of that video comes before the scene starts.

    4) Front camara quality is like garbage.

    b) Settings

    1) Unable to remove suggestions from settings.

    2) And if we change gesture navigation settings then Google feed won't come by swiping left to right until we restart our device.

    c) Device got very slow like 2gb ram device with very old processor.

    d) Device hangs very often.

    e) Speed of charging is very slow.

    f) Slow fingerprint sensor.

    These were the things because of which I had to downgrade my max pro m2 to Android 9.

    And now I am not facing these issues but I want FOTA update of Android 10 very soon.

  • I wanted to show you all those videos like garbage which I have recorded in developer beta 2 version but unfortunately I have deleted.

  • God only knows about the Android 10 update. Even their moderator also doesn't know when they will complete their development. Waiting for Android 11 software phones. Please asus complete your development before Android 12 beta by Google. If Asus compete with Tortoise definitely tortoise will win the race.

  • Android 11 release date

  • Yahi to bacha tha bus ab.

    Yaha hume abhi tak Android 10 stable update nahi mila aur ye Android 11 ki release date final kar rahe hai.

  • This is what they have to say to us.

    I have mailed them on CEO feedback and this is what I got in response to the mail.

  • Looks like this mail states that this device will not receive Stable update and Asus will give only future updates(With bugs only) with developer version.

  • Android 10 for the Zenfone Max Pro M1 and M2 will never come. Asus has been making fun of us since January this year, they released the first beta version and we were all thinking that Asus was finally going to work well and do a second Android update, OUR MISTAKE.

    Asus just wants to sell, a year ago the Max Pro M1 and M2 were spectacular phones for them, after a few months, they were no longer, Zenfone 6 came out and the others went down in history. Now comes the Zenfone 7 and the Rog Phone 3 and even the Zenfone 6 is no longer important for Asus, it's now history.

    I made the mistake last year of buying the Zenfone Max Pro M2, a good phone but from a brand that does not preserve or respect the customer with a terrible support service.


  • Hey Asus if you have Dare first issue bug free stable update and then speak. I will never buy the asus product in my life time. Stupid developers didn't know to fix the bug just copy paste the reply. Don't make customers as fool. 200 percent I will challange asus cannot provide bug free stable update. Try to get a class from chines brand like Oppo, MI, Vivo, Realme, Redmi. Definitely other brands are far better in software department. Asus is damaging their name because of bad software team. I don't know whether they take this seriously or not. Very very worst experience with asus. Shame on you asus.

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    The thing is that ASUS is infamous for such act. They have previously done this with their budget phones and even some mid-range high end devices. Zenfone Live Series is a example. The best thing to do now is use the stable Pie or if you want to install custom roms, install them. The Stable update is not coming.

    Also, in the previous automated replies they used to mention that the Stable Update will come but now they've stopped doing that. Just mentioning that developer version is out. So, fairly conceivable the update is not coming.

    And anyways thank you ASUS. You were the only good stock UI manufacturer in the budget series and now you've lost a customer. I was really convinced to switch to MAX M3 Series when it came out( if it comes ever).

  • True!👍

    Their is stock Android in their new ROG phone 3. And after that stock Android is it difficult for asus to give us Android 10 stable update with little customisation according to max pro m2.

    No, it was not so difficult but as you have said they only focus on their new smartphone's and forget about their old releases.

    They think that what can we do just can start a discussion on zentalk or can simply mail them and they will reply us with automated mail that's it.😓

  • True!👍

    Their is stock android 10 in their new ROG phone 3 and after that is it difficult for their software team to give us stable Android 10 with little customisation according to max pro m2.

    No, it was not so difficult for them but as you have said they only focus on their new smartphone's and forget about their old releases.

    They think that what can we do just can start a discussion on zentalk or can simply mail them and they will reply us with their same repeated answer through the automated mail system that's it.😓😔

  • All sleeping only give buggy updates

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    They won't...they are just hypocrite dumbfucks...who are their just because they don't want to call themselves unemployed otherwise they have nothing they'll copy paste answer when somebody speaks or criticize them they'll send a warning or block that person...chutiye he sab ke sab mods...sirf dikhava he aur kuch professionalism nam ki chiz nahi he...they are just some stupid fuckers with zero sense of intelligence...jo bhi koi achi post karege uski gand chat chat ke lal kardenge...aur app bhi dekh lo ye zentalk pe koi achi bat ki thread he hi nahi sab problems problems problems...matlab hasi ati he ye zentalk kholne me k sala kisi company ka kitna bura kam ho sakta he k koi acchi bate karne wala bhi nahi he🤣🤣🤣

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