System update failed (Your system is reverted to its original configuration)



  • forget about any issues we could face. We didn't even get it yet. Did you install the .27 version through FOTA update or through manual?

  • I am facing the same problem as mentioned by @Tech_Talk ,I Request Asus to Solve this Problem As Fast As Possible ,So we could update to latest Firmware. I have attached a screenshot of this below

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    I'd just list the steps for manual update here:

    1. Download this fota file (158mb)

    2. Place the downloaded file in internal storage (not in any subfolder)

    3. Rename the file to this:

    4. Reboot your phone the notification for updating will pop up click yes and the process will start

    As easy as that!

    If any of you are wondering that fota/manual update has any difference believe me there isn't

    I've manually updated my Zenfone 5z many times without any issues

  • I know there's no difference between FOTA and the Manual update. The only difference is the inconvenience. While FOTA comes automatically with much lesser size, Manual updates are much bigger and you have to download it, then put it inside the Root directory, then the system would detect the same and then the update proceeds as usual but if your phone is being provided FOTA automatically, why would you work that much harder?

    Sometimes, FOTA takes a lot of time to reach every end user devices, at that time, its acceptable (or justified) to go for the manual update but while you are getting a FOTA, and your device encounters a serious issue during downloading the same, that too, not just to one or two users, but a lot of users are having the same issue, then there's must be something to look into on a serious note and priority, so that in future, the same issue doesn't show up again, right?

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    Firstly manual updates aren't bigger (same size)

    Plus manual update is real easy on Asus phones just 2-3 steps that I mentioned above

    The link that I've shared above (158mb) is fota

    Full firmware is 2.26 gb

    And yeah seems like a bug with fota updater if it doesn't get sorted out manually update once then see if you get future fotas

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    Let me know after few days if any issues encountered with this update (like overheating, lags etc)

  • Thanks Mate, hopefully after Asus ROG 3 launching they can focus on this.

  • FYI, I have reset my phone to factory default.

    But still same issue persist. So don't waste time and effort doing it. I am regretting it. Waste my hours of time. Sigh.

  • I did try this way..i got notification to install update after restart..but still failed to install update

  • If still failed, i suggest you to update through full firmware which is 2.2gb. Copy the file to internal. Then restart the phone. After that you will got noti about update detected. Then just start and waiting. You will got two noti, from the file detected and from FOTA. Please go with file detected.

  • yeah, performing a hard reset to get the issue fixed would have been a hectic and time consuming process. Thanks to you that you still tried it but the result is unfortunately same. Wait for Asus to fix the issue since they are working on it I guess. Maybe they would release another FOTA with those specific glitches which are causing this system update failure issue for us.

  • okay, as per latest discussion and follow up with Gustav today, as per his request, I did a manual update by downloading the 2007.27 (2.29gb) firmware file from the support site and it went successful.

    He asked me to do the same to take a note whether the update is getting failed in case of only FOTAService or for both the FOTA and manual update case so that he could intimate the same to the concerned dev team for further investigation as he assured me that the team is already working on it depending upon my log file information I provided him earlier.

    And, at the same time, Gustav assured me that to rectify the issue in the upcoming updates, the team will fix the same upon investigation and he will follow up and update us regarding the fix for the FOTAService glitch so that the issue doesn't occur in the upcoming FOTA updates.

    **Those who are still waiting to get the FOTAService glitch issue to be fixed, you may try updating the 2007.27 update through Manual way for now, and wait for the next FOTA update to popup.

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    Thanks for the update. Is there anything worth updating in this patch?

  • didn't face anything like exceptional so far.. as you have already seen the patch note, it contains July Security patch, thats the only thing I feel as important one. Although, the 2nd point had mentioned that it would fix FOTA related bug, don't know whether thats the thing missing in the previous firmware 2004.9 for which the system update failure issue was happening during the 2007.27 FOTA update we received.

    I am looking for new bugs like excessive heating or battery drain like issues as some other users has reported after updating to the .27 firmware. Need to check for few more days.

    Will definitely let you know tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. SOT and battery draining and of course excessive heating, these are my main concern as of now.

  • I've heard of quite a few people having issues with this FOTA. The weird thing is this is the ONLY update that I've received a notification for. Usually I have to go in and run a manual check before it pops up that a update is available. Of course I clicked install when I received this notification. Update installed without any issues. It's odd that so many others are having issues when this is the first update that I received a notification about

  • all those people you are talking about (including me), they also received the FOTA notification. Its just the update which is not getting downloaded and update is getting failed.

    Here we are not talking about getting FOTA notification, but the update itself not getting downloaded (and installed).

    I don't know what do you know about manual update, but what you did by just manually tap the "check for updates" button which popped up the FOTA notification (which you installed), thats definitely NOT the way a "manual update process" works.

  • If you are unable to update to WW-17.0240.2007.27 using FOTAService, please download the manual update file from our support site and install the new firmware that way.

    If you are unable to update your phone using the UL file as well, please send me a PM with your device SN and the two IMEI numbers. (Settings -> System -> About phone -> Status)

    I'm closing this thread for now so my reply does not get buried.

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