When will Android 10 be updated with ZenUI?

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When will Android 10 be updated with ZenUI? Android 11 was released and we arrived in July, but we still haven't received the Android 10 update. Why can't even the worst brand phones get updates while we get updates? I don't think his team is working. You leave us behind the age. We have Android 10 right. Never buy or buy an Asus device again. I hope you are happy. Do not install beta updates either. I had to send my phone to technical service 2 times. Ghost screen and battery reveal problem. Give us an update that we can use this month, which is stable and ZenUI. I'm really tired of waiting and I'm tired of it. Empathy!


  • Dostum kendine bir iyilik yap ve telefonunu değiştir. Asus gibi vizyonsuz firmalara da bir daha bulaşma .

  • Currently no official date announced for Zenfone 5 Android 10 update. Wait is the only option for now and they are working on it. Whenever it will success in testing without any major bugs they will release the stable update.

    And regarding Android 10 beta you will get bugs as it is a testing version and they always recommend to use pie version until Android 10 stable version release.

    They will release the stable update as soon as they get success in beta version.


  • I do not agree. They can create a stable version with one update, but they don't. It would be funny, ridiculous, deceptive to say that a company that could not bring a stable version for 10 months provides update support.

  • Indeed. They simply aren't working on it, lazy folks😁 Asus is a big company, I think they could easily succeed if they wanted...

  • I've said it many times before. we should congratulate to asus Because he found such incompetent, unskilled, narrow-minded and visionless engineers and employed them in the phone department. Do not change yourself Asus, continue like this. Because we are so much bored.

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    Now, the update cycle is coming to an end and the chances are not great.

  • They have to give us android 10. This is not a matter of chance, it is imperative. Should be kept if promised. We are angry that this process takes so long. We are not asking if it will come because it will come.

  • Dear friends

    Thank you all for your asking. I haven't received any information. The latest ZE620KL Android 10 Beta Version (WW-17.0615.2005.25) is now on ASUS website for downloading. For further information, please stay in tune with our social media channels or visit our ASUS support website. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. Thank you for your continuous support and patronage to ASUS.


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    So it is impossible.....

  • Isn't it your job to provide information? If you can't get information, what's our fault here? So do your job, defend us and insist on a clear date. We don't have to be ignorant of your failure for 11 months.

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