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I can't open the my asus app in my rog phone II. Actually the app is not shown in the app drawer


  • @[email protected] I noticed the same thing on my device, I'll investigate why it's behaving this way.

    In the meantime, here is a short-term fix:

    1. Update MyASUS to the latest version on Google Play Store
    2. Settings -> Accounts -> Add account -> MyASUS -> Log in to your ASUS account
    3. Settings -> Support -> MyASUS -> Choose region if you haven't already -> Settings -> Add shortcut to home screen
    4. MyASUS should now show up in your app drawer.

  • Thanks man. It works

  • For future reference: This is intended behavior, and you're supposed to reach MyASUS from:

    Settings -> Support -> MyASUS

    The above fix will still work for those who'd rather have it in their app drawer.

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