My UX370 Zenbook Flip does not work.

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Detailed description:The backlit keyboard only works for the first restart after using the latest ATK repair package. Asus technicians want me to send it back but I am sure it is a software issue which I should be able to fix at home. It initially works perfectly but after a second restart just disappears.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



  • Hello Bruce,

    When did this issue happen? Any update or modification before that?

    Please kindly double check if BIOS has been updated to the latest version.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks Blake. I can't recall any major change that triggered this problem. I checked my Bios. It is UX37OUAR.310. Is that the latest?

    At the same time as the backlight issue started I suspect an issue started with my internal speakers. They just rattle and crackle like cheap earplugs. Maybe my whole computer needs to go back??

    Thanks for your suggestions.Best wishes,


  • Hello Bruce,

    If you have UX370UAR, 311 is the latest one.

    Please refer to the official support website and update it.

    After the update, you may also check in Windows update to see if all are completed.

    For your speaker issue, if you plug in earphone, does it rattle and crackle happen?

    Thank you.

  • Blake I really appreciate you answering and try to help. I updated to the latest windows this morning and no real improvement. When I ask the computer to check itself it says "generic audio driver detected" and there is a yellow exclamation mark. If I listen through earplugs the sound is perfect and I can have the level on say 30 but if i go to the computer speakers I have to crank it up to 100 and the quality is crap.

    Even with the latest Windows, there were no back-lights for my keyboard until I ran the latest ATK repair package and restarted.

    Maybe I have to give my computer back to Asus? I have had it for one year and 8 months. I wonder how long the warranty is?

    Best wishes and a big thank you,


  • Hello Bruce,

    May you update BIOS to 311?

    and for the speaker, yes, it might need a hardware check.

    For your warranty, please provide SN in the PM send you, let me check for you.

    Thank you.

  • I think it is the driver. Try downgrading the Windows 10 operating system. Good Luck !

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