Charging very Slow

Full charge 4 hours


  • May be it's because of your charger.

    Try to change your cable with newer one and check and also check your adapter.


  • How much time should it take?

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  • It's not a problem with cable or charging brick it is due to new beta update

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    Full charging time is 5 hours.

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    generally all mobiles gets full charged within 2-3 Hrs, it may be an update issue or battery issue. if battery issue then you need to replace with a new battery, if update issue, u need to wait for an update or if there's way to downgrade / remove existing update.

  • This is 5000 mah battery should it still take less than 2 hours with the stock charger?

  • No, they advertised this phone to charge in 2 hours and 45 minutes at launch. But every company test's their devices in the best case scenario.

    Charging speed will be affected by the temperature of the device , charging speed will change at various percentage of the battery. It will also be affected by the background processes (antivirus scanning in the background etc) so taking all of this into account your device will be charged in 3 hours to 3:15 hours.

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    If the device is switched off & charged, approx it should take how much time?, as I have another brands phone 1 is of 5000mah & another one of 3500 mah approx, both it takes almost 2 hours 15 min approx to full charge, whether it is ON or OFF. I'm using max pro 1st time it charge in less than 2 Hours when phone is switched off, after that it takes almost 3 Hrs to full charge in OFF Condition. Also, Asus had provided fast charging, for that what does it mean should gt full charge in less than 2 Hour?

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    Reply is provided, but when I saw on their site, it is mentioned as approx 2 hrs 40 min to full charge.

  • Beta update don't have a charging problem sir, im using it from the launch

  • Asus zenfone max pro m1/M2 does not have fast charging it only charges at 10w or below (this was like the standard charge speed for most of the device released in 2018) every company advertised their 10w charging solution as fast charging. If you are talking about oppo or realme devices, they charge at 30w or 60w that is why most recent devices with 4000 to 5000mah battery will charge faster than Asus zenfone max pro m1/M2.

    Ofcourse the charging speed will be faster if you charge the device when it is powered off. When the device device is powered on there are a lot of apps you have downloaded which are running in the background (eg: whatsapp trying to see if there are new messages)and there are some android features which are running in the background, both of these will use the processor so the processor is actively using the battery while it is being charged.

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    Hi brijendrakushwaha100,

    We would suggest that you use the ASUS original charger. Please also try with new cables and check again. 

    Please also note that "fast charging/charging rapidly" appears after a few minutes when you plug in your charger. Please make sure to check your lock screen after a few minutes.

    Furthermore, there are some scenarios that may affect the fast charging status: 

    A.   If the system is under high resource usage (high temp) or the battery level is over 85%, the device will trigger a protection mechanism, which lowers the charging current.

    B.   Check if there is some object or stain in the charging port. We recommend to use a soft brush to clean the charging port.

    C.      We recommend to test charging in safe mode. How to enter safe mode:

    If in safe mode, the problem is not observed, the system performance may be affected by 3rd apps. We recommend to factory reset the system. 

    If the charging status is still unstable in safe mode, we recommend to go to repair center for further checking. 

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    Cannot paste link due to Error message "You hav to be around for a little while longer before you can post links". Go to asus website -> All Products -> Max Pro Series -> Select Phone & scroll to bottom you can see it they have mentioned in T&C.

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