Screen recorder lag while recording pubg mobile

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My screen is lagging and there is a sharp drop in fps while using internal screen recorder everytime am recording my pubg mobile gameplay. I use other screen recorders and they are working perfectly fine. And also when m live streaming using game genie it works well. Am attaching the video, you can clearly see the frame drop .



  • Can you provide any numbers for the FPS drop you're experiencing?

    In either case, try clearing the storage and cache of the screen recorder and see if that solves your problem:

    Settings -> Search settings "Screen recorder" -> App info -> Storage & cache -> Clear both and then reboot your phone

  • I tried that already... Normally my fps is around 60 when playing but when i start screen recorder ie via Game Genie, my fps drops to 40-43fps.

  • @ranjodhbuttar If you haven't already, try clearing the storage and cache of both Game Genie and Armoury Crate.

    (This will revert your settings in those apps to default, including scenario profiles etc.)

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