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1. I just observed one issue where my micrphone audio is way too loud sometimes and the sound is too muffled that i have to hang up the call because the caller cannot understand my voice. It only happens sometimes that my audio is muffled for others. All these times i have pubg mobile running in background when my audio is muffled for others and i also have my headset plugged in which doesnt have a micrphone of its own so its using phone micrphone. Here is the recording.

2. My call recorder also picked up super disturbing sound that wasn't there when i was on call. Its so loud and disturbing i suggest lowering your volume before hearing this. The voice was clear when i was on call but it went horrible in call recording. Never seen this before and also i was wearing wired headphones this time too and pubg was running in background. Here is the recording.

3. I was video recording my online classes with the inbuilt screen recorder and i had my wired headset plugged in that uses microphone from phone. I never face this issue but today i faced 3 issues. I am so upset i dont know if i should take a visit to service center. Please mods tell me what should i do. I am linking the video that i recorded with screen recorder and also i have boat rockers 510 plugged in during all senerios and in this video recording senerio i dont have pubg running at all. Please look into it.

Please help me. @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS


  • Anyone else facing this?

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    @Akash Gupta

    1. Do you only run into this issue when you have PUBG running in the background and your headset is connected to your phone? Can you check if it's true for only one of these conditions?
    2. Same as above.
    3. Check if it behaves the same way if you don't have your headset connected.

    It would also be great if you can replicate the scenarios above using another headset or earphones. That way we can know if that's what causing your problems.

  • Its random and i already told the situations when this happens. I cannot replicate it. I want you to look into whats causing this.

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