ASUS phone cant be turned off problem

decarusdendecarusden Level 1
edited July 10 in ZenFone Max Series

Hi! This is my first discussion on this site and i want to know the problem that is causing my phone to stay on until battery runs out.

This problem occurs on my Zenfone Max Plux ASUS_X018D .

So, My phone right now doesnt want to be turned off by tapping the power button, it just immediately turns itself back on revealing my locks screen. Ive tried Restarting, Safe mode, and even Factory resetting my entire phone. The sensory settings on this hasnt been activated

Whats interesting is that it is perfectly normal WHEN it is inserted to a charger or on my computer. i can freely tap my power button and it just turns off until i open it intentionally.

This is happening since yesterday and i would like to know how to fix this. Thank you.


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