Screen goes black while playing any game with x mode turned on.

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Screen goes black while playing pubg with turned on x mode, and also cannot play any game while charging. Screen goes off. I thing its a software issue that can not handle gpu boost and temperature together.


  • I had another user with very similar issue. The fix is hardware repair. You need to contact ASUS support

  • Same here while playing pubg mobile. Can developer help us what to do?

  • My device shutsdown automatically while playing pubg mobile. I even went to the service center and guess what? The same problem repeats. What should I do??

  • I have same issue,while I'm playing ping,as soon as temperature touches 40° the screen becomes totally black but the game is running as I can hear the sound of the game with this black screen & this happens again and again,because of this I'm unable to play pubgm from last 5days.could you help us?? Is this android 10 software/hardware problem?? If this is a software problem then please fix this issue as soon as possible

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