Facebook battery drain

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edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Have been asking in Chinese board, maybe i also raise here to see if anyone have the same problem

since version 277 until 278 this morning.


  • Facebook has always been a battery hog. Not only in ROG Phone but even in my other phones too. Facebook app is, the most poorly made piece of software.

    I usually force stop it whenever I'm not using to.

  • agree. what i found this time is it only eat up battery while i am using it. If i dont use it (just normal quit but not force quit), the battery usage seems normal

  • Yeah. It sucks battery badly when we use it. Unfortunately Facebook doesn't care to fix. Try using Facebook in web browsers if you want to avoid this.

  • Even force stop doesn't work, after force stop u can see after sometime it starts again.

    Better try to use facebook lite it is way more battery friendly than Facebook app which was pre-installed.


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