Android 10 Beta 2 is very handy and performer, bt carries some Bugs, hope asus team india would fix

1.Battery performance MORE THAN latest update of andriod pie may security patch... bt the backup of battery must be a bit more it lasts for 8 hours of normal use in android 10 beta it should be atleast 10 hours, which should possibly last till end of the day...

2. I have strong wifi bt several times it losses connectivity, for normal wifi range for eg; between 3 metres range.

3. network reception should be strong, might be any of the services providers, the device must be capable of receiving better signals...

4. Soundboutput Must be as better as andriod pie 9.

5. System laggy processes, displayed in notification bar 2 to 3 seconds which is annoying , it happens for almost every app since updates from december patch of android 9........ also it is there now in andriod 10. please fix it....

IMAGE attached for reference -------->


  • Hi shreerangmore ,

    Could you tell us whether your phone is ZB601KL or ZB630KL?

    Please also tell us your firmware version: Settings > About phone > Build number.


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    Hi shreerangmore ,

    1 After upgrading to Android 10, there will be new optimizations to enhance system performance (e.g. touch booster,...), and the chemical properties of Lithium ions may cause the battery capacity to decrease gradually over one year of use. Therefore, the current experience may not be the same as your previous experience. If the current experience is affecting your normal use, we would suggest that users downgrade to Android 9. You may also visit the service center to check the battery health (life cycle remain) and make sure if a new battery replacement is needed for your device when it is over one year of use.

    Thanks for your understanding and support for ASUS products. 

    2. 3.

    Please try resetting your network settings and try again. (Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth)

    WIFI and network speed may be affected by the environment and the corresponding network settings.

    The actual transmission speed will decrease according to the interference of the signal in the environment.

    4. Sound quality is expected to be improved through a future firmware update. We will notify you once it is released.

    5. Could you tell us the detailed steps of how this notification appears? Could the notification be cleared? What are the app/app versions that have this problem? Please try clearing app data of the apps and check again.

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