Lens foggy if left unused in monsoon, what about fungus then?

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I live in Goa which gets very humid in monsoon. And my Zenfone6 lens is getting foggy as I left unused for two weeks. There was no sudden temperature change as reasoned in another post.

I heat up the camera unit using flip mode 2/3 times repeatedly. This way I am somehow circumventing the problem.

But my concern is fungus. If moisture can deposit on lens inside the camera unit, so can the fungus. I am extremely disappointed after spending so much money only for the much hyped flip camera. Doesn't Asus consider humidity as a design input parameter?

Please give me a solution how to clean the lens in such case (which is definitely going to happen in next 2 months). Shd I take it to service centre?


  • Hi, we suggest you to please visit the nearest ASUS service center for better assistance. Locate here : https://www.asus.com/in/support/Service-Center/India

  • Mr. victor2020, are you representing Asus or just an user?

    Why I need to visit service center, meaning my 4 months old phone is already having a defect? How awful quality standards you maintain ! And price is sky high for an average quality phone just for that gimmicky 'flip' camera.

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    Mr. victor2020, are you representing Asus or just an user?

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  • Now I have decided to visit nearest service centre. Because even if I leave this unused for 24 hours, then after opening camera app, fogs accumulate on the normal angle camera (not wide one) and takes 10 minutes to clear up. Worse, now I noticed that its picture clarity/sharpness/contrast is compromised PERMANENTLY compared to the wide angle camera. I tried by many side by side snaps and found normal angle camera looks PERMANENTLY FOGGY, though there is no fogs visible on it. I guess fungus has grown on it now. This is an unprecedented issue , unheard for sealed, fixed lens cameras spl. in smartphones. What is the final solution then? Shall I have to bring it every weekend to service centre? Also, is the cleaning process (even if they were able to clean it) not harmful for the lens coating?

    I did not insert even a SIM since I believed the hype about the camera and ONLY bought it as a video camera. Now after paying an exorbitant price also my main objective is totally ruined . I am sure ASUS is fully aware of this so I have decided to demand a return & refund. This is totally ASUS' fault to launch a faulty product.

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