Left air trigger not working in ROG Phone 2

ankeshanand3ankeshanand3 Level 1
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The air trigger used to work fine for me but recently from last few days am facing problem in the left air trigger. I can clearly feel multiple haptic vibrations as if the censor senses multiple touches and the scope get in and out, in and out making it impossible to aim. Can't understand whether its a hardware issue or a software issue. Should I go for warranty and what's the process? I even have gameplays which I can forward if you need to understand what's wrong. Help! ( I have all the latest updates and am on Android 10)


  • samDesamDe Level 1

    I have my right trigger problem, brought it to service center, and it solved now.

  • @ankeshanand3 Would you be willing to help us out with a device log? I'm sending you instructions in a PM.

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