Rog2 restart issue, display burn, light bleeding

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As i mentioned in the title, am facing all there issues within 6months from purchase. Am very much disappointed, actually i was my dream gaming phone. But now i have to go through all these things. I want asus to look into this and provide me a solution.


  • @Manikandan N Sorry to hear about your issues, can you explain them in more detail? Specifically the restart issues you mention in the title.

  • When i play pubg suddenly if i open any other applications it happens to restart, happened several times.

  • Also my pubg layout got printed in the screen, like permanent,

  • Also one dot light is bleeding in the centre of the display

  • One of the air trigger is not working properly, for instance if tap once the input is like multiple times

  • @Manikandan N I suggest you take your phone to a local service center to get it looked at.

  • But the situation is not likely here, due to covid lockdown, i wont be able to reach service center, any other alternative?

  • @Manikandan N I understand that lockdown rules might make this hard (or outright impossible) at the moment, but that is your course of action once it's safe for you to do so. You can call your local service center as a first step and let them know about your issues.

  • Okay will do that and get back to you

  • i have experience the air triger problem too, specially when the phone is super hot and i plug in the fan i cant use the right air triger anymore, i was very happy for this phone but within a month I've changed idea. i want to ask you if i may does your battery lasts at least a day?, and does your phone overheats very fast and goes up to 45°?

  • Yes bro same problem here

  • nice than we just bought the most horrible phone ever ☹️

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