Sound quality is totally cracked

Bro still having sound crack issue . I had lot things to solve but nothing worked. Bro i can't even watch movies and pls liv about pubg. No chance you can't play pubg with this crack sound issue. Plss tell some solutions


  • Hi [email protected] ,

    Does crack appear when playing with speakers/wired earphones/bluetooth?

    Could you tell us which kind of sound on PUBG cracks? What's your PUBG version?

    What app/app version are you using to watch movies? Could you tell us the video you're playing, and the time point where it cracks? What is the volume percentage when it cracks?

    Thank you 🙂

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    Bro it's not because of the version or specifically for a app it's sound quality no matter what i m playing or watching or listening it is the same at every app. I use to hear music, games- Pubg videos- YouTube,Mx player, Netflix . Bro it's not the matter of version . It is the matter of glitch of sound quality. Suggest some solutions i m was not playing pubg after installation of beta 3 Max Pro M1

  • Problem is having with earphone/Bluetooth/speaker means at every situation

  • Hi [email protected] ,

    Thanks for your reply. We've checked with relevant teams about this behavior. In the meantime, if this behavior affects your normal use, you may choose to downgrade to Android 9. You can find the file and instructions under "Version MaxProM1_downgrade_to_9" from our support site:

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Can uh plz provide the 424 firmware link coz this problem was in that too but in that firmware atleast it get resolved after i cleaning the storage of "Device Configuration" and restart. So plss provide that coz in this update there would be any trick too but i don't that so for now i want downgrade to the oldest version of Android beta 2 firmware 424

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