Phone body bend and raise

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Anyone else can check did your phone body bend and screen raise ?

I just use this phone for 2 month and all tons of things happen. yesterday suddenly my power button unable to press it stuck inside and I examine carefully found out the body is curve and screen raise.

Attached file not sure able to see clearly or not. Anyone else experience this issue

Asus mod do I need to bring to service center in order to prevent further damage ?


  • VampVamp Level 3

    I didn't have a bent chassis of my phone but it might happen because someone has applied so much pressure to the device from one side. Did someone sit on the phone recently because that kind of damage could happen if someone sit on it applies pressure to it. On its own the device will not get bent as it does have dual charging port on its side but still the body is rock solid to bent on its own.

    Please take it to the service center but it's physical damage so it might not be covered in warrenty. But please get it checked.

  • Dkz89Dkz89 Level 1

    Update **

    Battery swollen Asus service center confirm it. Guys becareful if you notice something weird about bending screen and buldging faster bring it to service center is life and death situation.

    The body of rog 2 is rock solid that why I don't believe it can be bend so easily as I watch Jerry rig even with full force.

    Take care

  • How much did they charge for battery replacement?

  • Dkz89Dkz89 Level 1

    Free of charge still in warranty as i wrote i just brought this device 2 month ago our country asus cover 1 year warranty. And i ask them for extra thermal paste and double check everything.

    Now my phone not hot anymore not more than 40c before it can reach 45c

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